Mr. Bart Holsters

General Manager – UAE
ENGIE Solutions


As General Manager of ENGIE Solutions’ UAE operations, Bart Holsters has a strong focus on growth, business integration, and operational efficiency. He is an active driver of innovation and digitalisation strategies through analytics and data sciences, driving sustainability and circular economy initiatives to boost people, planet and profit, in line with ENGIE’s purpose to accelerate towards carbon neutrality.

Bart has close to two decades of experience in business management, planning and financial oversight, 10 years of which have been spent within the GCC region. He has developed expertise in both Europe and the Middle East, leading his operations in accordance with strategic plans, operating and capital budgets, assuring long-term competitive advantages within the industry.

Bart holds a Master of Business Administration in Energy and Sustainability from RKC – University of Cumbria; a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Electro Mechanics, both from Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels, and a Bachelors in Aviation Mechanics from KHBO Ostend.